Eagle Tapadero

This set of patterns are referred to as Eagle beak or Eagle Bill Tapaderos'. In this set of patterns I have drawn 22, 24, 26, and 28 inch lengths of this pattern. You will have the opportunity to down load each individual size, that is drawn with both the right and left side of the pattern or you can download and print off all four of them at once. The four in one pattern only shows one side of the pattern, you will have to mirror the size you choose to make the full pattern.

Bulldog Tapadero

I recommend making Bulldog Tapaderas from sole leather, if it is unavailable cut them from the thickest part of the hide that you have. I have laced them with either 8oz latigo leather or rawhide lace cut to a 3/8" width.
Do to the overall size of this pattern, I have divided it up into smaller patterns that will need to be put together to complete the full pattern or you can download the full pattern and take it to store like Office Depot where they have a large format printer to print it for you.